Iman Haneef 
Director of Operations

For the past fourteen years, Iman has worked as a professional accountant serving both corporate and non-profit entities.  She has also worked as a Business Education Instructor for Raritan Valley Community College, Somerset County Adult Vocational School and the Islamic High School at Noor-Ul-Iman.  Inspired by social entrepreneurship, she created The Sweet Bread Factory, a dessert company launched solely to raise funds for non-profit organizations.  The enterprise funded two nonprofits and employed four financially distressed women.  Iman earned her Bachelors in Accounting from the University of West Georgia.

Sister Iman has served multiple roles within the Islamic community over the past fifteen years.  And she is no stranger to breaking barriers.  In her senior year of high school she was elected the first Muslim African-American Senior Class President.  During her college years, she served as Secretary and Vice President of the  MSA and Registration Chair for the National Young Adult Association (NYAA) conferences under Imam W.D. Muhammad.  Later, she served on the Internal Audit Committee and was Pledges Receivable Chairwoman for the Expansion Funding Group for the Islamic Society of Central Jersey.  She manages an annual back to school supplies drive for the children of East Orange, New Jersey.  And currently, she serves as a Project Manager for the women’s non-profit, Al-Rawiya Foundation, which will be launching a women's entrepreneurship program in 2018, Insha’Allah. 

She is currently pursuing Qur’anic studies and privately studies with an Islamic scholar based in the United States. She resides in North Brunswick, New Jersey with her husband.

"Too often, the cultural distance our younger generations have to travel to be a part of an Islamic organization is so far that it precludes meaningful engagement....We aim to create a center that will welcome home our youth by articulating a relevant and dynamic understanding of our faith, rooted in the legacy of our tradition."

Eyad Takiedine

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Madiha Irfan
Director of Religious Programming

A second-generation Pakistani American, Madiha Irfan grew up in West Chester, PA, where her parents and family have been active members of the local Muslim community. She received her bachelor's degree magna cum laude in religious studies from Bryn Mawr College in 2014. She is currently completing a master's degree at Harvard Divinity School with an anticipated graduation date in June 2017. In her graduate studies, she has particularly focused on religious education and spiritual development in the American Muslim community. She has also studied at the Qasid Arabic Institute in Amman, Jordan, and was selected for the prestigious Fulbright scholarship,

Sister Madiha has completed extensive research projects and internships with various Islamic organizations across the country. She is passionate about serving the American Muslim community and developing vibrant programming to support American Muslims, especially youth, in connecting with and strengthening their faith. 

She has an interest in language, with proficiency in English, Arabic, Urdu, Persian and Spanish. 

She is excited to return to Philadelphia and join the team at the Muslim Society of the Delaware Valley.

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